Who has estate sales?

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 Who exactly uses an estate sale company?  There are many people in many different situations who choose to hire an estate sale company.  Have you ever been to an estate sale?  It’s very exciting to say the least.  After my first visit to an estate sale I was hooked!  It happened one Saturday with a group of friends.  We meet for coffee about once or twice a month.  We chat, read the paper, perhaps a wee bit of sharing (gossip).   Claire suggested we stop at a neighbors home who had passed away. They were having an estate sale.  Sure thing we all cheered!  Let’s go!  This neighbor was a world traveler and had acquired many trinkets and things along her years of perusing the continents.

We arrived to a well organized, staffed home.  They had hired an estate sale company to oversee the liquidation of items in the home.   Each room was staged, sorted and priced.  I was fascinated by the process.  I stood around and asked questions as I shopped.  I wondered why the family didn’t do this themselves?  I found out through the niece that it was just too overwhelming.  There was an entire house of furniture, and household items that needed to be sold.  In one weekend they had emptied the entire household of items.  Impressive.

Hiring an estate sale company isn’t just for people who pass away, if you are moving, or need to liquidate because of personal circumstances, Estate Sale Co’s are professional and licensed.   We enter your home and sort everything.  Do not throw anything away!  We will go through each and every draw and room.  We sort and price with the goal to make you the most money in the end!  In one weekend, we are able to clear your home of unwanted items and giving you the most for your money.

Find an estate sale today! There are many treasures to be found right in your own city.

Kimy Kennedy

Peachtree Estate Sales

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