I’ve worn many hats in my life time.  Most importantly is ‘MOM’ which is the best and most challenging  job one can have.  I worked hard to finish my degree which is something that I did completely for ME.   I was married to a physician at the time I began college, and didn’t really ‘have’ to finish my degree – but it gnawed at me to complete it.  It was a personal goal that I was not going to give up on and finally completed.  A very proud moment for me.

Work has been something that I’ve always enjoyed.  I’ve been in Real Estate for a decade or so, but realized I needed to shift focus.  Thus Peachtree Estate Sales was born.  And I LOVE IT!  I’ve always been involved in attending and having estate sales every now and then….. I’m a creative spirit thus I love the thought of taking something with a history and merging into my own space.   I hardly EVER buy new.  That includes cars and furniture.  Anyone can buy new…… it takes a savvy eye to find and spot a true treasure.  Hemingway is vintage (my 84 benz), Leopold is used (my Jeep Cherokee).  I like to think of them as being broken in waiting for me.

It’s an adventure and different every time when I enter a home or business and begin sorting, tagging planning for the sale.  You never know what you’ll find.  Which is part of the fun.  I’m a people person as well thus coming across hundreds of people on sale day is an incredible high.  Crossing paths with interesting people – you never know when a smile makes someone else’s day.  (I know…I know…… I’m a Doris Day wannabe – I am what I am).

Do you love your career?

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