Meet ‘Michael’ my blue porcelain winged-pig

I love finding unique items at estate sales that ‘speak’ to me.  Michael is one of these items.  A group of gals and I meet at least once a month (pending on all of our busy schedules of course) for coffee and estate sales.  This particular Saturday morning was sunny and warm – as much of Atlanta is in the Summer months.  Love it!   There were four of us – Lucy, Karen, Diane & I.  We were perusing Buckhead sales this particular morning.

The magic of estate sales is that you are able to see a slice of someone’s life; what were they reading, what did they collect.  It’s a very personal and reverent experience to a certain degree – and fun!  Celebrate their life if something speaks to you by adding it to your own collection.

Now, I tend to walk a different path – anything but ordinary please is a motto of mine.  As we all meandered through the rooms, halls and gardens, a lovely blue pig was spotted.  I walked over to the table he sat upon and picked him up.  I’m pretty darn certain I smiled.  I sat him back down to get a better look and before I could even back up a foot, one of my dearest and best friends Diane, scooped up the pig and said ‘I’m buying him’.  I think I blinked rather rapidly and just looked at her.  She smiled a Cheshire Cat-like smile and said ‘for you!’  He’ll be perfect in your garden.”  I smiled back and knew exactly where I would sit dear Michael.

Today he sits inside – he’s much more delicate than I realized – thus he stands merrily where I must pass him many times.  He makes me smile.  He’s a happy fellow.   How could a blue winged-pig not be happy I ask.

We all collect things for different reasons – I prefer unusual items that for whatever reason – make me smile.

I named him Michael from the movie with John Travolta of the same name.  I also name things. (yes….yes…… perhaps a wee bit eccentric or silly on my part – it is what it is).

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