Another successful sale and a new friend!

photo (256)One of the many reasons I enjoy what I do — are the people who I cross paths with at my sales.

One such very special new friend is Caryn Pate Lanier…… she came to the Howell Mill sale — and we were fast friends.  She lives in Peachtree Hills – her husband was a well-known Atlanta architect.   We both found a kinship over a silly thing really;  we both had a slight tear — a hole in our favorite pair of capri’s and both of us refuse to stop wearing them.  Isn’t that silly but hey —  some of us are hard wired like that.  LOL  Eight year olds at heart we are.   She’s very creative.  She makes the most lovely bohemian bracelets out of buttons!  They are adorable!  AND….she also paints!  Caryn creates  lovely works of art —  she gave me one before she left.  She came back three times the first day of our sale.  I was hopeful she would come back again for our 2nd Saturday sale and she did.

Completely delightful meeting new people. ::::beaming:::::

photo (257)

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