Conley Hills – 2 days of Vintage! Sat/Sun Oct 19/20

Estate Sale this weekend!2048 Montrose Drive, East Point, GA

Sat Oct 19 – 9 to 4pm

Sun Oct 20 – 10 to 2pm

No earlies please!

(We also have a sale right around the corner on Sat Oct 19th at 2253 Lyle Road, College Park)

This is the estate of a dear sweet little lady who has passed away.  She’s lived in the house since the 50s!  We have some cool Georgia Tech (roll Tide by the way – ahem) school albums from the 50s 60s….  Vintage furniture, some cool things in the kitchen, and much more.

Come see us!

Cool things about East Point:  Eat at Thumbs Up, Oz Pizza, East Point Historical Society (a must), Corner Tavern, East Point Hardware. Check out Frog Hollow & Jefferson Park neighborhoods.  Bam!

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