Happy Holidays!!!

From our families to yours —-  We hope you have a magical Christmas, or whatever you celebrate.

vintage_christmas_tag_christmas_stickers-r5b3e6804b64d446580f29212a5980ff7_v9wf3_8byvr_512I’ve attended many parties this year, and tonight headed over to the Uncles (many of you know one of the Uncles — Richard — rascal that he is) for dinner.  Spending time with family and friends is lovely during the holidays.  Are we all pretty darn lucky or what?

I’ve included a photo of myself at 5 on Santa’s knee — I think this was at either Richs or Macys downtown ATL.  I just realized what a strange looking Santa he is. :::shivers::::Of course I’ve ridden the Pink Pig (Atlanta native — we are thrown on that pig before we can walk!).   I still love to wear striped red shirts — go figure.  Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers! xms 5

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