Jonesboro ONE DAY ONLY Sat Jan 11

deals are stealsONE DAY ONLY!!!!

Sat Jan 11 — 9 to 4pm

7747 Hampton Cove, Jonesboro Ga 30236

*no earlies please

Come prepared to bring your items home. Bring tools if needed.

This is a TAG SALE / Bulk pricing for smaller items.  All larger items are priced. Smaller items we’ll price in bulk when you leave check-out tent.

This is a foreclosure moving sale.

Pool cover, polaris, all furniture in back yard to go!

Everything in house to go!

Please be mindful of neighbors lawns, driveways and grass. Do not block or park on.

See you Sat Jan 11!

Cash or cards accepted.  (cards at 3% to total).

jpeg before you enterDSCN0114 DSCN0113 DSCN0112 DSCN0111 DSCN0110 DSCN0109 DSCN0108 DSCN0107 DSCN0106 DSCN0105 DSCN0104 DSCN0103 DSCN0102 DSCN0101 DSCN0100 DSCN0099 - Copy DSCN0098 DSCN0088 DSCN0089 DSCN0090 DSCN0091 DSCN0092 DSCN0093 DSCN0094 DSCN0095 DSCN0096 DSCN0087 DSCN0086 - Copy DSCN0085 - Copy DSCN0084 - Copy DSCN0083 DSCN0157 DSCN0156 DSCN0155 DSCN0146 DSCN0147 DSCN0148 DSCN0149 DSCN0150 DSCN0152 DSCN0153 DSCN0154 DSCN0145 DSCN0144 DSCN0143 DSCN0142 DSCN0141 DSCN0139 DSCN0138 DSCN0137 DSCN0136 DSCN0135 DSCN0121 DSCN0123 DSCN0125 DSCN0126 DSCN0127 DSCN0128 DSCN0129 DSCN0130 DSCN0131 DSCN0132 DSCN0134 DSCN0120 DSCN0119 DSCN0118 DSCN0117 DSCN0116 DSCN0115 DSCN0082

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