The Big Apple called — they answered!

Slide1Tues Feb 25,26,27,28– 10 to 2pm

Sat March 1—– 9 to 3pm

642 Tabby Stone Street, Marietta (off Barrett Parkway)

*We accept CASH, CREDIT and DEBIT (ran as credit) 3% fee added to all card purchases.

Super cool story here.  Two incredible parents —- with a child prodigy.  A classical singer — meet Sara Stevens.  You’ll want to remember her name — a 13 year old with the voice of an angel!  Click HERE  for her website.  She’ll be world renown one day!   She’s been discovered and they are moving to NYC for the next step of career path for this talented girl!  In addition to their lovely daughter, they have a very handsome and talented son who graduated from Mt. Paran and is a 17 year old freshman at University of Southern California playing football! Proud parents!  

What this means for you — is that you have a chance to own some fabulous furniture! Come prepared to move furniture as soon as possible.  Tapestries, art, and much more!

Please be mindful of neighbors lawns, driveways and no blocking mailboxes please.

We look forward to seeing you at the sale!

*** When putting in address into Google GPS — it will take you to 642 Tabbystone Dr which is the entrance street into the subdivision — you’ll have to turn right or left you’ll turn LEFT — 642 Tabby Stone Street will be a few house down on the right.fat fingersASEL


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