Buckhead — Don’t miss this sale!

Hi everyone! The Buckhead sale is Thurs/Fri/Sat — I had posted with just a half cup of coffee consumed — blame it on the bean. LOL See you soon!

Peachtree Estate Sales

3 Reasons you DON I love what I do. Truly.  I would always think ‘I wonder what it would feel like to LOVE what you do in life’. Well — I”M THERE!

You DON”T want to miss this sale!

3 REASONS why? —

1- You’ll get to see an enchanting home in Buckhead (yes — that is one reason why people love estate sales)

2- Super cool things to BUY at this sale

3 – WE get to see YOU! Peachtree Estate Sales LOVES our customers!

May 8, 9 – Thurs/Fri  10-3pm

May 10 -SAT- 9 to 4pm

400 Herrington Dr NE Atlanta

**DO NOT BLOCK driveways / mailboxes – only park on ONE side of the street please. NO parking on GRASS (the green stuff – HELLO! LOL)

The owner of this enchanting home has been living the salt life in Key West for years now —  some lucky new owner will be moving…

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