We love our George and his crazy ways……

988804_10202556216019821_1545390720_nIf you’ve been to one of our sales I surely hope you’ve come across friend, neighbor and all around good guy — George.   He has a very prominent Southern Drawl and is always plotting to make us and our customers giggle.  Here’s just a few instances of our silly George below.

At Peachtree Estate Sales we want to enjoy our day, and George helps us do that by either playing some mischevious trick (usually on me, Kimy – for instance wearing a SCREAM mask as I walk around the corner and almost giving me a heart attack — GEORGE!) or walking around with a pink wig and cowboy hat on.  He’s a handfull but lordy does he make us laugh.   You’ll hear me scream ‘GEORGE’ and you know he’s up to something ::shaking head and smiling::::::

To explain the photos below in George’s various stages of silliness —

1.  George portraying the song in Fiddler on the Roof ‘Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a match’ — sing along!

2.  George portraying C. Everett Koop

3.  George with a monkey on his back except in this case it’s the CAT

4.  George as a gangster with flair

5.  Gomer Pyle  and George merge into one

6.  And last but not least — Davey Crockett George – guns and all.

081d022464052d3442b215bb160f1a45 17693_482478261790104_426070068_n 36645_1392034652970_6035878_n (1) 36645_1392034652970_6035878_n 521431_482479785123285_1271919598_n

photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

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