Moving Sale – FAYETTEVILLE – 3 days!

moving sale fayettevilleThese lovely empty-nesters are headed to Historic College Park (GREAT neighborhood by Woodward Academy).   He is actually a history teacher (and a West Point Grad — ) at Woodward and she is a nurse.  Super sweet couple.  AND they are buying a really neat home and doing renovations!  Love older homes!

Here’s the deal-io

Thursday May 22 10-3pm

Friday May 23 10-3pm

Saturday May 24 9-4pm

220 Manor Drive – Fayetteville

This couple has traveled the world and picked up some super cool furniture items from Europe.  The wall units are both German and very neat.  Much more at this sale!  They also have a son who is an artist with some of his work available for purchase as well.


*Because of the many people who attend our sales, questions re: individual items are very hard to answer —- just come to the sale!

We accept CASH/CREDIT – Debit run as credit (add 3% on all cards)

Come prepared to take your items home.

For insurance purposes, staff members are not able to carry heavy/large items for you.

You must arrange for your own people to carry/load/deliver your items.

We price ‘to sell’ first day and throughout the length of the sale.

Peachtree Estate Sales is not responsible for accidents nor is the home owner.

**Children must remain with parents at ALL times.

Bring bags/totes/boxes/newspapers for wrapping —  to help with your items.  We do not provide these.

If we SELL OUT of items before end of sale time, we will close the sale down early.

We APPRECIATE our customers – and thank you for coming to our estate sales!

DSCF2453 DSCF2454 DSCF2455 DSCF2456 DSCF2457 DSCF2458 DSCF2459 DSCF2460 DSCF2461 DSCF2462 DSCF2463 DSCF2464 DSCF2465 DSCF2466 DSCF2467 DSCF2468 DSCF2469 DSCF2470 DSCF2471 DSCF2472 DSCF2473 DSCF2474 DSCF2475 DSCF2476 DSCF2477 DSCF2478 DSCF2479 DSCF2480 DSCF2481 DSCF2482 DSCF2483 DSCF2484 DSCF2485 DSCF2486 DSCF2487 DSCF2488 DSCF2489 DSCF2490 DSCF2491 DSCF2492 DSCF2493 DSCF2494 DSCF2495 DSCF2496 DSCF2497 DSCF2498 DSCF2499 DSCF2500 DSCF2501 DSCF2502 DSCF2503 DSCF2504 DSCF2505 DSCF2506 DSCF2507 DSCF2508 DSCF2509 DSCF2510 DSCF2511 DSCF2512 DSCF2513 DSCF2514 DSCF2515 DSCF2516 DSCF2517 DSCF2518 DSCF2519 DSCF2520 DSCF2521 DSCF2522 DSCF2523 DSCF2524 DSCF2525 DSCF2526 DSCF2527

ASELPES jpeg-before-you-enter

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