The beach is calling! A moving sale – 3 days in Roswell!

beach callingThis lovely couple is moving to saltier air.  And in the process  leaving you an incredible sale!

You DON”T want to miss this sale.

Join us!

4002 Defender Dr NE – Roswell Ga

Aug 7, 8, 9

Thurs/Fri/Sat 9-4pm

Now — there’s some great furniture in this sale — but there’s also great VINTAGE FANS, RADIOS & NEON! Oh yes.  Oh yes.

**Parking — please make sure you park on one side ONLY of the street — Street must remain open on one side for emergency vehicles to pass if need should arise.

Park on RIGHT side of the road (same side as the house is located).  Please do not block driveways/neighbors mailboxes.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



*Because of the many people who attend our sales, questions re: individual items are very hard to answer —- just come to the sale!

We accept CASH/CREDIT – Debit run as credit (add 3% on all cards)

Come prepared to take your items home SAME DAY.

For insurance purposes, staff members are not able to carry heavy/large items for you.

no lifting

You must arrange for your own people to carry/load/deliver your items.

We price ‘to sell’ first day and throughout the length of the sale.

Peachtree Estate Sales is not responsible for accidents nor is the home owner.

**Children must remain with parents at ALL times.

Bring bags/totes/boxes/newspapers for wrapping –  to help with your items.  We do not provide these.

If we SELL OUT of items before end of sale time, we will close the sale down early.

We APPRECIATE our customers – and thank you for coming to our estate sales!
Please note – owners may remove items that were originally to be part of the sale for whatever reason.  We apologize if this happens.  We know you come for certain items.  We try our best to make sure we are as accurate as possible with our photos and advertising.

DSCF4145 DSCF4149 DSCF4152 DSCF4156 DSCF4157 DSCF4158 DSCF4159 DSCF4160 DSCF4161 DSCF4162 DSCF4163 DSCF4164 DSCF4165 DSCF4166 DSCF4167 DSCF4168 DSCF4169 DSCF4170 DSCF4171 DSCF4172 DSCF4173 DSCF4174 DSCF4175 DSCF4176 DSCF4177 DSCF4178 DSCF4179 DSCF4180 DSCF4181 DSCF4182 DSCF4183 DSCF4184 DSCF4185 DSCF4186 DSCF4187 DSCF4188 DSCF4189 DSCF4190 DSCF4191 DSCF4192 DSCF4193 DSCF4194 DSCF4195 DSCF4196 DSCF4197 DSCF4198 DSCF4199 DSCF4200 DSCF4201 DSCF4202 DSCF4203 DSCF4204 DSCF4205 DSCF4206 DSCF4207 DSCF4208 DSCF4209 DSCF4210 DSCF4211 DSCF4212 DSCF4213 DSCF4214 DSCF4215 DSCF4216 DSCF4217 DSCF4218 DSCF4219 DSCF4220 DSCF4221 DSCF4222 DSCF4223 DSCF4224 DSCF4225 DSCF4226 DSCF4227 DSCF4228 DSCF4229 DSCF4230 DSCF4231 DSCF4232 DSCF4233 DSCF4234 DSCF4235 DSCF4236 DSCF4237 DSCF4238 DSCF4239 DSCF4240 DSCF4241 DSCF4242 DSCF4243 DSCF4244 DSCF4245 DSCF4246 DSCF4247 DSCF4248 DSCF4249 DSCF4251 DSCF4252 DSCF4253 DSCF4254 DSCF4255 DSCF4256 DSCF4257 DSCF4258 DSCF4259 DSCF4260 DSCF4261 DSCF4262 DSCF4263 DSCF4264 DSCF4265 DSCF4266 DSCF4267 DSCF4268 DSCF4269 DSCF4270 DSCF4271 DSCF4272 DSCF4273 DSCF4274 DSCF4275 DSCF4276 DSCF4277 DSCF4278 DSCF4279 DSCF4280 DSCF4282 DSCF4283 DSCF4289 DSCF4291 DSCF4292 DSCF4293 DSCF4294 DSCF4296 DSCF4297 DSCF4298 DSCF4299 DSCF4300 DSCF4301 DSCF4303 DSCF4304 DSCF4305 DSCF4307 DSCF4308 DSCF4310 DSCF4314 DSCF4315 DSCF4316 DSCF4317 DSCF4318 DSCF4319 DSCF4320 DSCF4321 DSCF4322

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