The Dinsmore Estate — LAST DAY l/2 day 9-12-2014


Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another. —Ernest Hemingway


We have Taxidermy (take an elk or caribou home with you!) and a few odds and ends.  

WE WILL END THE SALE FRI SEPT 12 around 2pm.   

Join us for an INCREDIBLE estate sale!

*** We are only have ONE WEEK of the sale.  Originally we thought two — but we’ve had so much success no need for a 2nd week!

We still have some GREAT things for sale — it ends on Sat Oct 13 — COME SEE US!

This enchanting home is located just a hop skip and a jump from Atlanta (an hour and 30 minutes give or take.  I’m always on the lookout for Starbucks along the way  thus it takes a wee bit  longer sometimes).   My first impression of this incredibly vast and interesting lake-front home – Ernest Hemingway.  A Man’s Man.   A few of my favorite things —  the art, collections of china, the pool table and gosh — so much more!

Sept 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (Tues through Sat) 9-4pm

276 Shelton Shores Drive, Talladega, AL 35160

PARKING —  Park on grass in front yard.  Please park in lines and park  orderly —   Pretty Please.

I pass Talladega on my way to see my daughter who is in her final year of college at University of Alabama -Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide – heck yes).   You’ll also pass Lake Logan-Martin.  On the waterfront sits an incredible home — where Charles Dinsmore lived.  He had a passion for collections, history and anscestory.  —Charles L. Dinsmore Jr., of Anniston and Decatur, passed peaceably from this life o Saturday, May 10, 2014, at home in Lincoln. Charles was a well known business owner in Decatur where he ran Southern Sales Building Supply until relocating in 1979 to Anniston as owner of Anniston Lincoln Mercury Dodge. He retired in 2012 to take up his passion of genealogy and ancestry, tracing his family lineage all the way to Charlemagne.  He was born on Jan. 3, 1942.

Charles Dinsmore previously owned the Anniston Lincoln Mercury Dealership for 50 years.  He was quite the character. In this sale you’ll find memorabilia from the auto-industry.  For instance —  the 7 foot penstastar mopar sign (google it).  He has art from the Dodge and Ford Families.  He was a world traveler — traveling to Hong Kong, Scotland, London, France, Italy the Panama Canal.  He took the QE2 across the pond and in the liquor cabinet you’ll find Scotch from that trip.   His bride at the time had severe reaction to the ocean waves (sea sickness) and they had to be air lifted to the main land.

Charles also collected unique liquor bottles, furniture and books.  His family was one of the First Families of Tennessee.  When their families moved they were the ones who actually settled states (that’s a pretty cool item to have in your family history — wouldn’t you agree?).

This lake front home is also for sale!  Please contact Anna King at 256-310-2233 —  This is a GREAT getaway for an Atlanta family! Woot Woot! 



All LARGE items are priced, and smaller ones of significant monetary value.  All smaller items are priced in a ‘group’ pricing.  Make a stack of all items at check out and we will give you a price on your group of items.  Happy Treasure Hunting! Woot Woot!

Park on RIGHT side of the road (same side as the house is located). Please do not block driveways/neighbors mailboxes.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.




*Because of the many people who attend our sales, questions re: individual items are very hard to answer —- just come to the sale!

We accept CASH/CREDIT – Debit run as credit (add 3% on all cards)

Come prepared to take your items home SAME DAY.

For insurance purposes, staff members are not able to carry heavy/large items for you.

You must arrange for your own people to carry/load/deliver your items.

We price ‘to sell’ first day and throughout the length of the sale.

Peachtree Estate Sales is not responsible for accidents nor is the home owner.

**Children must remain with parents at ALL times.

Bring bags/totes/boxes/newspapers for wrapping —  to help with your items.  We do not provide lifting

If we SELL OUT of items before end of sale time, we will close the sale down early.

We APPRECIATE our customers – and thank you for coming to our estate sales!
Please note – owners may remove items that were originally to be part of the sale for whatever reason.  We apologize if this happens.  We know you come for certain items.  We try our best to make sure we are as accurate as possible with our photos and advertising.

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