Jeanne & Crew

IMG_2583Hello and welcome to Peachtree Estate Sales.  My name is Jeanne Bender.  Originally a farm girl from the Midwest I came to Atlanta 40 plus years ago and fell in love with the Atlanta vibe and have never left.  My husband and I have three lovely grown children and a new grandchild who hung the moon. We just returned from a family trip to South Africa.  Experiencing other cultures is something we delight in through travel.

I have several interests which include art, art history, interior design, cooking and travel.  My personal style tends toward a mixture of antique / traditional and modern.  I find it fun to pull different pieces and styles together to create one cohesive space.  My passion for the estate sale industry has also sparked my creative vein into finding and re-purposing any and all old things.  Many of our customers fall into this path as well.

I have a large network of people who follow estate sales as well as an industry of friends who I can trust to make sure I get the most accurate price for your items.  It’s a team effort!

There are some great estate sale companies in Atlanta —  Peachtree Estate Sales is among the best.

What do we bring to the table that is unique to us:

*Marketing  *Knowledge *Loyal Followers *LOVE of what we do.  And that makes all the difference in a GREAT sale versus ‘just a sale’.

We do all range of sales —   Every sale is completely different.  That’s why I love what I do!

We SORT, TAG & SELL!!!  Literally —  everything but the dog goes!  My girls Bunny and Lucy shiver when I say this!  Don’t worry girls — we won’t sell you!

Distinguished Associate of American Society of Estate Sale Liquidators.   Partnered with Senior Advisor.

Call me today for a free consultation.

Jeanne Bender

Peachtree Estate Sales



Featured in  May Issue of Real Simple Magazine for expertise in estate sales.



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