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10-4pm  Jan 22

10-3pm Jan 23

9-4pm Jan 24

I love learning about people and their lives.  Let me tell you a little about the people who are associated with this sale.  Thank you for allowing me to share this information.  I hope everyone enjoys and respects these lives as much as I do.

Sylvia Paul

My Mom, Sylvia Paul, was born in 1919 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Her parents were Romanian immigrants who came to this country in the early 1900s. The eldest of four sisters, Mom valued family above everything else. In 1942 she met my Dad, Israel Paul, and they were married a year later. They had been married 65 years before he passed away in 2008. They lived most of their lives most of their lives in Merrick, NY, a town on the South Shore of Long Island, where my sister and I grew up. In 2007 I brought them down to Newnan where I could take care of them.

She was a concert pianist. At a very young age she made her debut in Steinway Hall in Manhattan and received wonderful reviews. She gave up her performing career when she and my Dad were married and became a Special Education teacher who taught children with Cerebral Palsy for over 30 years. She also played piano for all the events at her school.

As a child, she accompanied me when I sang and played the violin. We won a number of competitions together. She inspired me to become a musician and an educator. Both my parents never missed a single one of my many performances as an actress and/or singer. They were very supportive of everything I did.

Mom had a large family. Once a month all her family would gather at our home for the Cousins’ club evenings. She made enough food for a small army. We sang, danced, talked, and ate. All the children played downstairs in the finished basement where there was a big Ping-Pong table, many toys, a television, books, records and a record player. We all had lots of fun.

Mom passed on September 21, 2014. She was a wonderful woman, warm, gentle, and very sweet. We all miss her a lot!

Israel Paul

My Dad, Israel Paul, was born in 1919, in a tenement on the Lower East Side, of New York City. His parents were penniless Russian immigrants who came to this country through Ellis Island to escape the Pogroms and other atrocities of Eastern Europe. They became very successful business owners. When I was little they owned a sequin factory filled with glitter and sequins, a fascinating place for a young child. In the late 1920s, they moved to Brooklyn, NY, where my Dad grew up.

As a child, Dad was very curious about how things worked. He loved to take them apart and put them back together. He was fascinated by science and math. He got a Bachelor of Science degree at the City University of New York and then went on to have a teaching assistantship and receive a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University, where he taught for several years, during which time I was born.

Dad was a very loving, compassionate father. Although he designed navigation systems for airplanes and ships as an engineer for the defense industry, he deplored war. He was drafted in the 40s and served in the army infantry. The night before he was about to go into the Battle of the Bulge, he was pulled out by his CO and sent to work for the Army Signal Core at Ohio State. The rest of his outfit was all killed.

He spent many hours teaching me all kinds of things. Education for all of us was his top priority. Every year on my birthday, he took me into NYC to places like the Natural History Museum, the Planetarium, Radio City Music Hall. and to see shows and concerts. He was always available to help me with my homework, answer questions, or just talk about life.

My Dad passed away on June 14, 2008. My family and I will always love and miss him!





Peachtree Estate Sales DOES charge sales tax – all sales are FINAL – 3% charge on all cc/debit cards in addition to the sales charge. 


All LARGE items are priced, and smaller ones of significant monetary value.  All smaller items are priced in a ‘group’ pricing.  Make a stack of all items at check out and we will give you a price on your group of items.  Happy Treasure Hunting! Woot Woot!

**Parking — Can only park on ONE side of the street ONLY!  Park on side of street that house is located on.  Do not block driveways or mailboxes please.  Thanks!



*Because of the many people who attend our sales, questions re: individual items are very hard to answer —- just come to the sale!

We accept CASH/CREDIT – Debit run as credit (add 3% on all cards)

Come prepared to take your items home SAME DAY.

For insurance purposes, staff members are not able to carry heavy/large items for you.

You must arrange for your own people to carry/load/deliver your items.


We price ‘to sell’ first day and throughout the length of the sale.

Peachtree Estate Sales is not responsible for accidents nor is the home owner.

**Children must remain with parents at ALL times.

Bring bags/totes/boxes/newspapers for wrapping —  to help with your items.  We do not provide these.

If we SELL OUT of items before end of sale time, we will close the sale down early.

We APPRECIATE our customers – and thank you for coming to our estate sales!
Please note – owners may remove items that were originally to be part of the sale for whatever reason.  We apologize if this happens.  We know you come for certain items.  We try our best to make sure we are as accurate as possible with our photos and advertising.

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