Historic Hapeville! Sat Aug.17/Sun Aug 18

ESTATE-SALEOne of the reasons I truly love what I do — is that EVERY sale is different.   This is a mid-century home located on a quiet street in Hapeville Ga.  Remember the old Ford Plant? Now home of the new Porsche Test Track.  BAM!

Sat August 17– 9 to 4pm

Sun August 18– 10 to 2pm

372 North Avenue, Hapeville, Ga

No earlies please.  Do not block driveways or mailboxes.

** We have a 99 Surburban (you can load an entire team of circus clowns into this car!) for $1200 OBO… right over 200,000
GREAT work car!

This sale is the home of a sweet lady who has now been placed into assisted living bless her heart.  One of the coolest things I’ve found so far are the orange cups with straws — silly I know but I remember being about 8 and I would have my orange juice in the mornings out of one of these little cups :::beaming::::::  A lot of wonderful memories in this house.  You’ll see what I mean if you love vintage.   I’ve just starting sorting through so check back for more photos! Bam!

This is a true PICKING SALE — What is a PICKING SALE you ask?  Well — when I come across a home, usually from an older resident, they began BUYING in their older life — usually from being lonely – missing their friends, etc… so stuff begins collecting – A LOT of stuff.  This is one of those sales.  A LOT of stuff — the larger items (i.e. furniture) have been priced, but smaller items (A LOT OF THOSE TREASURES) are not priced…. you’ll take a box or bag and go through, come to the front tent, make a pile if you need to, and then go back for more!  For those who love to SORT this is for you!  You NEVER know what you’ll unearth becaus there are treasure upon treasures to be found here.  Literally.  We’ll price your treasures when you finally leave us… we’ll miss you though! LOL

Hapeville Favorites:  Have a cup of java and breakfast at one of my favorite little coffee shops DRIP, or get a haircut at Hairberdasher (say howdie to Uncle Val and Eduardo) or William Craig Salon (hug Bubba & Rodney & Stephen!).  Grab a burger at Sliders…. Hapeville is also home of the original Dwarf House — love me some Chick-fil-A!  Porsche’s new test track has taken over the old Ford Plant location.  Volare is an incredible Italian restaurant as well — ::::mouth watering::::::  Cafe At the Corner is only open during the week but if you’re ever back this way please grab lunch! Yum!  So many more too — Grab a cupcake at Butter Sweet Bakery.

Let me give you a small bio of this sweet little lady who has resided in this home in Hapeville since 1963 (that’s BEFORE I was born – ahem).  Her name is Dorothy Shepherd and she’s 93! She’s a Scottish lass from W. Virginia originally.  She was a nurse for the American Legion, graduated with her law degree from John Marshall Law.  She was a member of the legal society Iota Tau Taus (which sounds like a YA YA club to me — LOL).  She was a TRUE ‘Rosie the Rivetor’ (THATS COOL!) – Her profession as it turns out was an FAA Inspector.  She attended Mt. Zion United Methododist Church in ATL.  I bet she was a spunky gal in her day…. I would have liked her I”m certain.

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