England here they come!

queenAnother lovely story indeed :::dreamy sigh:::::

Handsome American meets enchanting English lady —

A lovely princess is born.  Thus, they are moving BACK across the pond with new little princess in tow to bring up her BRITISH STYLE.  This very stylish couple have a complete HOUSE full of wonderful itmes  for you! Come see us! Think floor to ceiling —  anything goes!

880 Southfield Lane, Alpharetta

Wed 10-2pm

Thurs 10-2pm

Friday 10-3pm

Saturday 9-4pm

** Of course the doggies are NOT for sale — they’re just really adorable.  You think?


*Because of the many people who attend our sales, questions re: individual items are very hard to answer —- just come to the sale!

We accept CASH/CREDIT – Debit run as credit (add 3% on all cards)

Come prepared to take your items home.

For insurance purposes, staff members are not able to carry heavy/large items for you.

You must arrange for your own people to carry/load/deliver your items.

We price ‘to sell’ first day and throughout the length of the sale.

Peachtree Estate Sales is not responsible for accidents nor is the home owner.

**Children must remain with parents at ALL times.

Bring bags/totes/boxes/newspapers for wrapping —  to help with your items.  We do not provide these.

If we SELL OUT of items before end of sale time, we will close the sale down early.

We APPRECIATE our customers – and thank you for coming to our estate sales!

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jpeg-before-you-enter PES